Like you, I have struggled. I've lived with depression and anxiety.

At times, I have developed problematic coping strategies.

I've left careers because I was too overwhelmed.

And I've lost relationships because I was too lost in my own pain and didn't know how to communicate my emotions and my needs.


Finally, I realized that most things in my life weren't working for me.

I also realized I couldn't heal my past and change my life without support.


And that, for me, was a turning point.


Creating change can be hard. I know this firsthand.

Even taking the first step can be filled with doubt, fear, and even shame.


But I also know what it's like to not have to do it all on your own. And I know how empowering it can feel to make that first phone call.

Steven Moore, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

I live in Lafayette, Colorado, with my wife, Kelsey, our daughter, Hannah, and our dog, Misha.

You can get back on solid ground.




• MA in Humanities, University of Chicago

• MA in Somatic Counseling Psychology, Naropa University


• PAIRS (couples counseling)

• Certified in EMDR

• Brainspotting

Steven with his wife, Kelsey, and their dog, Misha.

My approach is to provide you tools to make immediate improvements in your life while also addressing the underlying issues that will support long-lasting change.

In our sessions together, we will go beyond traditional talk therapy and broaden our work to all aspects of your experience, including your senses, emotions, and impulses.  By bringing awareness to your body and your present-moment reality, you will be able to transform yourself through new experiences. So, we won't just talk about your problems. We will do something different – creating new possibilities.

For more information about body psychotherapy, click here.




400 E. Simpson St. Ste. 106

Lafayette, CO 80026


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