Anxiety or depression? Anger or numbness? Shock, denial, disbelief, or self-blame? Perhaps your feel tense and easy to startle. Or, you may experience mood swings that make it hard to know how you might feel from one moment to the next.


You may experience all of these symptoms or only a few. Yet, if you're here, it's likely that they are disrupting your life. And, because you're here, it's likely that you are ready to heal.


Whether you've experienced a single-incident traumatic event or you've been exposed to ongoing conditions in which felt completely unsafe and powerless, there is hope. You can recover from PTSD and trauma-related symptoms.

In our work together, I will pay attention to all aspects of your experience: your thoughts and stories, your feelings, your senses, and your actions. Based on your unique situation, I blend in powerful techniques from somatic (or body-based) psychotherapy, EMDR, and Brainspotting to help you heal.

Body-Based Psychotherapy

As a somatic psychotherapist, I believe that trauma is stored not only in the brain, but also in the body.


Our brains and bodies are wired to react to traumatic situations with a stress response of fight, flight, freeze, or faint. These reactions can protect us from harm and even save our lives.


However, after a stress response, your body can become overly sensitive, and your brain can begin to interpret more and more things as life-threatenting, even when they are harmless. This is partly why you may have an intense reaction to something in the moment only to realize later than the situation did not really call for it.


The therapy I offer is different than traditional talk therapy. Our brains and bodies have become overly sensitive due to traumatic experiences. And only through new, healing experiences will your brain and body learn to be less sensative to every-day situations.


I will help your body to return to states of relaxation with a variety of tools and techniques. I will also create a safe space with you in which you can begin to have a different relationship to your past, mending the old wounds. 


We won't just talk about your problems. 


We will do something different, creating new possibilities.


Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a research-proven treatement that is founded on the principle that your brain and body can heal themselves when provided the right conditions.


The EMDR model helps you develop resources to minimize symptoms. By building internal resouces, you will feel more prepared and more capable to resolve your traumatic memories.


When these memories begin to resolve, clients have reported that they are no longer as vivid, charged, or disruptive to their lives.


Brainspotting was developed from EMDR and is an effective complement. This method was designed to gently and easily access the sub-cortical brain (the deep, non-thinking parts) to work with the stress-response system.


These subcortical parts of your brain are directly linked to the biological processes in your body that can manifest PTSD and other trauma-related symptoms. When your brain and body process at this deep level, your traumatic experiences and accompanying symptoms can resolve.

Still have questions? Please contact me so we can discuss your unique circumstances and how somatic psychotherapy, EMDR, and Brainspotting may be help you claim the life you truly desire.

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