Too often, as men, we are taught not only that we must rise each time we fall, but also that we must rise on our own – asking for or accepting help somehow makes us inadequate, weak, or 'less than.'


However, when we are coping with difficulies in our lives, we can lose touch with the parts of ourselves that intuitively turn towards health and happiness. Sometimes we need support to rediscover the possibility for joy and satisfaction. Seeking this support takes great strength and courage.


I work with men who are struggling with a variety of issues, including relationships, career, and difficult emotions:

Relationships: Do you feel alienated from your partner, have trouble communicating, or feel like nothing you do is 'right' or 'good enough'? Are you starting a new relationship and want to avoid the patterns that have kept you from creating a fulfilling relationship in the past?

Career: Are you dissatisfied in your current position? Do you feel unfulfilled? Or perhaps you have trouble finding the motivation to get started on projects, you self-sabotage, or you under-achieve? 

Emotions: Do you experience excessive anxiety or depressed moods, interfering with your ability to enjoy your life? Do you easily anger or act from anger, creating outcomes that are not in line with your true desires?

Together, we can work to create strategies to address your specific concerns and help you reconnect with your innate strengths and internal resources. We will also disrupt the the negative patterns of thoughts, feelings, and actions that keep you that get in your way so that you can begin to create the life you truly desire.



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