We seek relationships for a number of reasons: we desire to be close to someone, to love and feel love, to provide safety, to bring more purpose and meaning to our lives, and, for some, to grow our own families by having children.  In short, we create partnerships to enhance pleasure and joy in our lives.


Couples counseling can provide the skills and awareness needed to increase feelings of safety, intimacy, and pleasure in relationships of any stage or state, from new couples whose relationship are blossoming to couples who want to deepen their already stable and committed relationship to couples that have a relationship that seems to have gone astray.


New Couples

New couples seek counseling because they wish to bring a new level of awareness and intention to their relationship because they want to avoid familiar patterns of past relationships that have resulted in frustration, heartbreak, and alientation. By engaging in counseling, couples can consciously choose new ways of relating in an intimate relationship in order to grow as individuals as well as partners to one another.


Deepening Intimacy and Fostering Passion

While you already have stability and safety in your relationship, you desire more feelings of intimacy and passion. Perhaps you miss the way you felt during the "honeymoon" phase of a relationship. Couples counseling can help you cultivate more emotional openness and more vulnerable physical closeness, deepening intimacy in your relationship and creating more passion between you and your partner.


Reclaiming Goodwill, Communication, and Trust

Despite our best intentions, often couples find that their relationship is challenging, stressful, and may even cause pain. Furthermore, you may find that your relationship rarely offers you feelings of security, parternship, or joy. Couples counseling can help you rebuild trust and reestablish the benefits you used to enjoy in your relationship.


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